Fishing Report

October 21h,

Weeds are at their worst today for the entire fall…  Still getting fish, but just terrible conditions to fish in.  I hope that they clear up some by tomorrow.

Hey, we close every night now at 5pm for the rest of the fall.  We also are going to extend the end of the season until Saturday the 22nd of November.





John Mcnabb stringer sue walleye John Mcnabb big walleye

You have to check out his video, its the fishing barge in 1969.  Just a short clip.



Keep an eye on our calendar of events on the web site.  I will keep updating it as we get new dates.

Karen got in some really nice looking shirts for Clement Fishing Barge.  Make sure you stop in and check them out.

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Book our cabin quickly.  It goes fast in the spring and fall.  The cabin can handle from 4 to 6 people and is well furnished.  You will love staying here for your fishing adventure.  Put in some new beds and a new TV!!!  We look forward to seeing everyone this year.  Its been a tough year for the Clements Family, but we are excited about this season.